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Monday, 2 March 2015

Friday, 20 February 2015

Performing fluxus scores at White Cube Gallery

Thursday 12th and 19th February 2015

Invited by CRiSAP, I and other graduates from the Sound Arts MA at London College of Communication, plus current PhD students, performed various fluxus event scores at the White Cube gallery as a part of the Christian Marclay exhibition.

A little bit about the exhibition first:

The exhibition uses sound and image to show and encourage us to make music from anything. 

Marclay presents us with a video installation where he walks the streets of east London tapping, kicking and rolling bottles, glasses and cans. The video montage presents a loose composition that sonifies the alcoholic left overs of the east London night life.

An immersive animation projects onomatopoeias dancing around a room, these cartoon cut outs of POP! Bang, Shhhhhh, pooooow form a dynamic 3D score around you. As you read along in your head you can hear the performance. For example, the bobbing of water along a tideline created by 'blobs', the popping of bubbles up the screens shown by circular 'PoP's and the sheets of grey rain running in diagonal strips of 'SSSSHhhhhhhhhhh' relentlessly pouring down.

The glasses mentioned in the video installation were collected by Marclay and now adorn a performance space in the gallery. This room hosts daily performances by sounds and arts practitioners who explore these themes. The performances are recorded and cut into a vinyl in the gallery by the Vinyl Factory Press, the cover is even screen printed in the gallery too. 

The invitation to perform fluxus events scores is centred around these glasses and the water theme that runs through the show.

 I chose to work with George Brechts Drip Music and Bob Lens's #252.


I performed this multiple times, experimenting with glass sizes, with multiple performers, with multiple glasses per performances and of course introducing the classic metal bucket and stool to stand on.

This performance lasted just under an hour and consisted of me mainly just moving drips back and forth ... in a totally absorbed state. I would have happily performed it for longer if I hadn't ran out of water.  


Every Tuesday - Friday, 12-4 you can catch intermittent fluxus performances in this room by either CRiSAP or RCA students. The scores will all be water based, but the interpretations will vary. 

Friday, 9 January 2015

Exhibition / Event: Homespun, 31st Jan, London.

An exhibition by Ceci Lombardi and Lisa Hall created for Duvet Days.

'Homespun' brings together work by Ceci Lombardi and Lisa Hall - both exploring what it is to make your own fun from within a domestic setting.

Ceci has taken the traditional Portuguese 'Trapilhos' and with guidance and assistance from her mother and sister, she has woven her fragmented memories, thoughts and feelings creating a series of colourful abstract hanging works.

"Trapilhos" are long spagetti-like rags traditionally used in Portugal to create crochet kitchen rugs and other crafts. Ceci grew up with these in her home as her own mother also makes them. From these memories and the urge to explore them, she has knitted, painted, played, improvised and very simply had fun with them.

Lisa is inspired by childhood memories of creating unusual garden inventions with her family and has become captivated by a website that embodies this playful attitude - blowing bubbles on demand into a garden in Florida. For Duvet Days Lisa is inviting you to join in blowing bubbles, responding to the activity on the website.

The bubble cam was set up 10 years ago by a couple called Andie and Mike. People from all over the world visit the site to 'blow bubbles'. By using this online trigger, Lisa hopes to offer you an excuse to enjoy these type of games, to be interrupted by the fun of pointless play.

Please RSVP on facebook so that we can get enough bubbles and cocktails. 

 - - 

About Duvet Days

Duvet Days is a gallery in a Tiki Bar in artist's Roxy Topia and Paddy Gould's garden, it shows invited artists and serves cocktails.

" Each show opens one night but if you can't make it get in touch and arrange a time to come and see the work.

Days in your duvet are about a kind of self-sufficiency too, low maintenance, make your own fun, get loose.

That's an artistic point of view as well as something gently political. x "

101 Barclay Road

London, United Kingdom

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Sound::Gender::Feminism::Activism 2014, post graduate research event, CRiSAP, London

25 international presentations by artists, musicians and academics on the four topics, specifically addressing the question, 'What in the historical present constitutes an activist life in sound?'

I am slightly biased having organized this event with CRiSAP but could not help but be blown away by the content. Here are some of the small specifics that stand out for me a i dashed in and out of the theatre. 
- Maggie Nichols describing how to break the mould of expected expression and 'normality' (while breaking out into free vocal expressions mid with through sentences) but retaining just enough to be able to say 'no officer, i'm fine thank you'.
- Tara Rodgers stating a case for new modes of communication and content sharing that credits the makers. She disagrees with free online content of art works and ideas as this is not a sustainable practice, nor does it value the work created. So time to think of a new way to create online groups and share ideas.
- Alison Balance's performance: sixty five, sixty four, sixty three .... we are the vessles for the stories. A perforamtive reminder of our physical and behavioural responsibitliy as story tellers.
- Anna Raimondo's Encouragements. Using a hands free mobile phone to declare encouragments to passers by, with the using the smallest of excuses - the white cable headphones that attach to a mobile phone - retaining her 'sanity' in these public spaces.
- Philip Cornett's interviews with LGBT community in Cambridge, as interviewed by young LGBT group members. Utterly shocking accounts of what has, and undoubtably still is happaning.
- Invasorix, a Mexican group overflowing with SGFA energy and passion that feel similar to the UK group Gaggle.
- and many more...

Monday, 20 October 2014

Points of Inspiration

Some points of inspiration for me this past month:

Disruptive Abundance, a talk at CSM by Josephine Green in discussion with Jeremy Till and Ezio Manzini.

Josephine Green identifying that we are in the midst of a change in world views - 1) from the hierarchical Scientific, Rational & Industrial to what could be a creative, collaborative decentralised heterachy that is more befitting to the unique qualities of being human. 2) from the meta world view of scarcity to one of abundance, when production has finally outstripped consumption. She feels that we are at a point of conflict as we try to practice a new world view from within the rules of the past. 

These ideas have been resonating with me since, examples appearing everywhere.


'Pierre Huyghe, IN BORDER DEEP, exhibition at Hauser & Wirth, London

'Huyghe works across media to create situations, cutting through time and boundaries, highlighting concepts of separation.' 

The exhibition includes a large stone sculpture of a figure sat on rocks, damaged, headless it grows moss and is presented on its back under a low slung halogen strip light; A number of glass tanks holding dark murky water, strange fish and weeds all displayed on plinths with the water level at eye level; and video 'the human mask' which follows a small girl, who is actually a monkey with a mask and wig on, waiting in, and exploring an ornate oriental house/shop on a derelict street.

On first encounter the works are compelling, each suspended in a kind of stasis, not progressing but being. Each works has a strong physical presence in the room, due to size or materials, but most importantly they seem to be existing there, almost without us. Each work feels that it is tackling the question of being and living, purposefully blurring the lines between being and art. After reading the context or sitting with the work for longer these lines are blurred further - the sculpture has an internal heating system making it the temperature of the human body, the water tanks are from Monet's waterlilly pond, the video takes inspiration from a cafe in Japan where a monkey has been trained to be a waitress, wearing the mask and wig, as well as the footage which was taken from Fukushima.

The stasis and seeming blindness of the art objects allows for a slow dreamlike quality in the gallery enabling us to explore these articles that exist on the edges of art and life.  

I find this inspiring as it is the gallery equivalent of an intervention - instead of siting art within life, here life is situated within the artwork. In this exhibition we can almost live through the works for a brief moment, as apposed to the works living through us momentarily.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Audio Roulette - Ready to Play!

Audio Roulette is an interactive artwork, offering you the unexpected from within your own headphones.

It’s a game for people who listen to music on a portable device. We’ve created a number of mystery tracks that you can hide within your playlists. You’ll then discover these tracks at random : audio roulette !

The mystery tracks are not musical, but are recordings of places and spaces designed to interrupt your listening routine. The intent of the game is to invite the unexpected into our day-to-day routines, interrupting not only our music but ourselves too.

The tracks are designed to surprise or transport you, before returning you to the safety of your headphones. They are short 30 second recording of a place, space or activity.  Sounds include exotic locations such as the rain forests of Borneo, as well as every-day sounds of urban life from London and areas of the UK. Tracks are recorded binaurally, giving realistic and immersive 3-d sound.

Visit to play.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Audio Roulette is on Twitter

We're getting ready for Audio Roulette, a new twitter account is up and ready for feedback from those listening to the roulette tracks.

Keep an eye on:  @AudioRoueltte